Terrazzo’s unsurpassed durability and strength make it the perfect flooring solution for high traffic areas. Terrazzo offers a low lifecycle cost when compared to lesser commercial flooring products and often outlives the lifetime of the building. Airports, industrial buildings, convention centers, food service facilities, schools, and healthcare facilities have long embraced this beautiful and versatile floor. In recent years, we have begun to witness its popularity spread to other commercial applications, as well as residential use.


Seamless terrazzo flooring allows for easy cleaning and sanitizing. Terrazzo will not promote the growth of bacteria or fungus. Micro-organisms cannot sustain themselves on its surface. Terrazzo flooring is low maintenance. This means that frequent dust mopping and occasional damp mopping combined with annual auto-scrubbing and resealing is all that is required to keep your floor immaculate.


Terrazzo offers unlimited design possibilities by allowing any imaginable combination of colors, logos and pictures. Limited only by your imagination, terrazzo will create an ambiance that is unique to your establishment.


Terrazzo can typically be expected to endure for the life of the structure. In renovation projects, we are capable of restoring an aged terrazzo floor that has survived decades of deterioration and bring it back to its original luster.